Gallery One was pleased to invite you to the opening of Fractured Time, by Monther Jawabreh on 25 July, 2016. It ran until 25 August 2016.

In the new series of work “Fractured Time” Mother Jawabreh reflects on Gaston Bachelard’s philosophical research on time, mainly on the quote that says: “We die and live in time, because time is moments suspended between two voids, the void of the past and the void of the Future.”

Having acted in a film dealing with prisons, Ghost Hunting directed by Raed Andoni, and thus having experienced detention voluntarily for forty-five days, Jawabreh reflects on time by producing a series of artworks with paintings, installation, and video art that take us into a journey in time that cannot be measured or substantiated.  In his work we find that time is not measured and can be grasped only through the woven threads that are superimposed on a work on cloth or wood, creating a fragile gateway to the construction of the work, and if the thread lost its strength and magnitude, the work itself becomes nonexistent. The use of wool yarn in the project “Fractured Time” relied on the employment of black and white colors as inevitable and limited options, and for their ability to provide a clear vision around this experiment without lowering it into the trap of aesthetics at the expense of the subject.

With an impeccable artistic talent and a solid command of techniques, Jawabreh’s paintings are highly captivating human expressions. His fabulous color coordination and sophisticated compositions of the acrylic paintings underneath the woolen threads require deep attention and careful examination, upon which shapes, stories and messages begin to emerge that are nuanced, yet full of soulful impact.