Solo exhibition
Ziad Yousef- Haj Ali
Hand Eye
Curated by George Al Ama
8 May – 13 June 2018

Gallery One is please to invite you to the first solo exhibition by Ziad Yousef Haj Ali entitled Hand Eye. The artist employed the use of different kinds of amulets, which are common and prevalent in Arab societies, where there is a belief that amulets provide defense against harm coming from Jinn and humans. The two most popular amulets are the palm and eye. Ironically, the occupation adopted two icons (the palm and eye) in one way or another and used them in point signs. His, the “palm” (al kaf) that is supposedly to ward off evil became a sign telling people “Stop, there is a checkpoint that will push YOU away”. The “eye” (al ain) that is supposed to watch out for malevolent people, turned into a “camera” staring at YOU as a suspect. Amulets … how many do we need to protect ourselves from the harm of occupation ?!

Ziad Yousef Haj Ali

Born in Jerusalem, he obtained his BA degree in Fine Arts from the Kingdom of Jordan. Currently lives and works in Ramallah. Since his return to Palestine in 2009, he worked in visual arts and art production. He works as Production Unit Supervisor in the Birzeit University Museum and had participated in several art activities and events. He is a specialist in prints, in particular screen-printing. Ziad Yousef produced a series of art works and participated in group exhibitions on the local and international level. “kaf Ain” is his first solo exhibition and will be held in Gallery One/ Ramallah.