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Hybrid Dance
Asad Azi
Curator of the exhibition: Lina Hegazi
19 September – 16 November 2017
Gallery One

Gallery One is pleased to invite you to the opening of the solo exhibition, Hybrid Dance, by Asad Azi on Tuesday 19th of September 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Gallery One. The exhibition continues until Thursday 16th of November 2017.

Lina discusses the concept of the exhibition saying,” Azi’s artwork is multi-faceted; none of his works limits his style of art. This is shown by how adamantly independent his work has remained of any central artistic movement or trend in the art world, abstaining from the association of a single, identifiable painterly language. Azi’s visual language is hybrid. It deconstructs clearly confined identities. It is a language that cannot be defined by one technique, but rather has disruptions ranging from an artwork, which can be a roughly stitched patchwork to a painting that is made of layers upon layers of paint. “

She adds,” Hybrid Dance recaptures images of figures, creatures with many faces from different periods throughout art history. They are characters leaping out of ancient tales, dancing freely in nature. Some paintings depict colorful, irrepressible and playful images, created in a fictional setting. While other paintings contain dark hues, which project deep and fierce feelings upon the viewer. Azi’s intervention to the paintings reflects the evolution of his oeuvre over the decades. Naked figures frequently appear across his paintings, indicating the urgency by which humans must free themselves. To leave behind all the confinements put by society, and lose themselves in the moment by which they indulge. The mediums in his paintings range from oil to collage mixed media paintings.

Azi uses themes of history and memory in his works and has a certain stance on this saying; “When you are an artist without a home or a homeland, you must represent your imagined homeland.”  Thus, his work can be viewed as eclectic, made up of different and sometimes paradoxical components that can only be interpreted from a postmodern perspective.”

Azi was born in Shefa-Amr in 1955. He is a Palestinian artist of Syrian origins. He currently lives and works in Jaffa. Azi earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Haifa in 1980 and his Master of Fine Arts from the Tel Aviv University in 1981. To this day, Azi teaches art as a senior lecturer at the Beit Berl Academic College since 2008 and at the University of Haifa since 2014. He has published a notable selection of scholarly articles and studies in local Palestinian and Israeli newspapers and has received multiple awards.

Azi’s work has been included in many exhibitions locally and internationally, including: the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (1985); the Venice Biennale (1986) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (1988); as well as other countries such as Germany and the United States.  He had his work shown at solo exhibitions such as; Wandering Rider, Umm el-Fahem Gallery (2015); Orientalism, Hamidrasha Gallery, Beit Berl Academic College (2013); Erotic Paintings, N & N Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv (2010); and Refugees, Tamra Municipal Gallery (2006) among others.

He also participated in group exhibitions such as: Diary of a Donkey, Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem (2015); Spiritual Circle, Beit Maryam Gallery, Ramallah (2015); Hiwar, The Arab Museum of Contemporary Art, Sakhnin (2014); Spring, M.E.C.A, New Jersey, USA (2012); The Orange Segments, Umm el-Fahem Gallery (2005); and Art Against the Occupation, International Conference Center, The Moroccan Pavilion, Seville, Spain (2004) to name a few.

The following institutions have publicly collected his work: The Haifa Museum of Art; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Essl Museum, Vienna; and many more. Azi’s work is also in private collections such as, Mazen Kupti’s collection, Jerusalem; Rebacca Horn, Germany; The Buchman Collection, Frankurt, Germany; and The Hachmi Collection, London, England.


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