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Born in “Moawia”, a Palestinian village of many in the Um El-Fahem area, in 1976.

Mahamid is a contemporary Palestinian artist residing in Haifa. She earned her Master’s in Fine Arts at the University of Haifa in 2006, which was made possible by obtaining a scholarship of Excellence from the university. She obtained a degree in Museology and Curation from the University of Tel Aviv four years later.

Mahamid works across multiple mediums, including video, installation, painting and photography. Mahamid’s work reassesses linear understandings of time, whilst making a hopeless attempt to pin down the ephemeral existence of all things. She is caught in the process of being constantly replaced by the immediate present, as a reminder of the transitory character of human life. She attempts to combat the narrative that negates the existence of Palestinians and their Palestinian identity as well.

Mahamid’s body of work is most notably related to Ghada Al Samman’s novel, Dancing with the Owl, which is discusses the bird’s rejection in Arab culture and its mythical powers of sight. Mahamid presents hybrid images composed of an owl’s body and a female face cast into concrete, whose colors call to mind a field of flowers sprouting through the hard surface.

Mahamid was shortlisted for the A. M. Qattan Young Artist of the Year Award in 2002. She is a recipient of the 2007 Delfina Foundation’s Resident Artist Award as part of the Riwaq Biennale, which was collaboration between the Delfina Foundation and the A.M. Qattan Foundation.

Her work has been part of several exhibitions in London, Chicago, Cairo, Dusseldorf, Haifa, Ramalah, Um El Fahim, Jericho in over 50 group exhibitions such as, Ana men Hona (I am from here) in Tel-Aviv, and Ana men Hona 2 in Haifa, Manam exhibition. She also exhibited her work as part of the Qalandiya International Festival in 2014, organized by the Arab Culture Association in Haifa. Her solo exhibitions include; Ana men Hona, Um El Fahem gallery 2012; Dry Ice, Tel- Aviv, The Delfina Foundation, London 2008; and Love Me, Love Me Not, Haifa University 2007. Additionally, her work has been exhibited at the Peace of Art, Germany; the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt; the Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden; Art Cologne 2007, Palma de Mallorca; and the Delfina Foundation, London, United Kingdom. She has also participated in residencies in the UK, Germany and Egypt.

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